"I choose Clay County to locate my high-tech company because the labor pool, which traditionally would commute an hour was readily available minutes away from our office. The move raised all of our employees quality of living and happiness, allowing me to recruit top talent and keep them."

Brian Knight
Co-Founder, Pragmatic Works


"I truly appreciate the effort you have put in to move this along!  In my 26 years in the development business, I have rarely received this type of support!"

Kent Gregory
MGB Development Group


"Clay EDC has proven to be a vital resource for Calavo's expansion into the southeast U.S.  Assisting in early-stage due diligence thru the move-in and operational start-up of our Green Cove Springs facility, Clay EDC has been a go-to source for information, contacts and relevant solutions to often complex issues."

Mike Browne
Vice President, Calavo Growers Inc.

"For any business - what could be better than 60,000 people of all skills eager to work closer to home.
Clay County has that and a high quality of life in a safe environment to raise a family.  With great schools added it's a 'no brainer' for me."
 Jerry Agresti
CEO and Founder, Developers Realty Group
"Clay County is uniquely positioned for the distribution of our marine products.  We have effectively extended our reach, decreased our freight transit times and lowered both inbound and outbound freight costs.  Lower expenses, business friendly and first class port access have combined to deliver us to the next level."

Edward Gaw
President, Hi-Liner Fishing Equipment & Tackle, Inc.

"I truly believe that our relationship with Clay EDC is one of the major reasons for our rapid ascension into the political and civic conversation in Clay.  I encourage anyone interested in getting engaged in the county on a deeper level to become a sponsor. " 

Terrance Freeman  

Regional Director, Ygrene Energy Fund

Most Recent

Florida's GDP Hits $1 Trillion Mark: As a Country, It'd Rank 17th in World
The economist who authored the study pointed to growth in manufacturing. “Those [jobs] are growing faster here than the U.S. the last few years, ” said Jerry Parrish, Florida Chamber Foundation chief economist. The $1 trillion figure was calculated based on the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis’ most recent GDP number of $984 million for the fourth quarter of 2017, and a formula that projects current statistics that have yet to be factored in by the bureau, including job growth, goods, services and other factors. Key factors driving the state’s growth that can be seen in Metro Orlando’s economy include low unemployment, population growth and tourism. The broad successes in those areas make the $1 trillion figure sustainable, Snaith said. “The near-term risk of recession is still fairly low,” Snaith said. “... Momentum in the labor market, the tax cuts and jobs act, all that has been a force of adrenalin, if you will, for economic growth. Could we drop below that? It’s possible, but that would be temporary. This is a mile marker on a longer-run trend as opposed to being fleeting or ...
Florida Named Among Top 10 States to Start a Business
Coming in at No. 3 for average growth in number of small businesses, Florida shows a lot of potential for entrepreneurs.
TECO Peoples Gas Voted Most Trusted Utility in Country
TECO Peoples Gas Voted Most Trusted Utility in Country
"Our team members work hard each and every day to provide world-class service and we are proud that our efforts are recognized by our more than 370,000 customers across the state," T.J. Szelistowski, president of Peoples Gas, said in a release. Peoples Gas has held the No. 1 spot on the report since 2015. Clay Florida Economic Development Corporation is proud to have a strong partnership with TECO Peoples Gas.  Click here to learn more about our utility partners in Clay County, Florida.  
Clay Recieves $2M for Road to Future Industrial Park Directly Adjacent to First Coast Expressway
Clay Recieves $2M for Road to Future Industrial Park Directly Adjacent to First Coast Expressway
Rollins said the group of people who own the property say they’ve been approached by a number of businesses interested in partnering. He said although he personally would like to see aviation and military-related industries in the park, any industry creating high-wage jobs would be great. “Clay County has always been known as a great place to live and raise a family, but we also want it to be a place where people can work and make a living to raise their family without having to necessarily commute somewhere else,” he said. According to the project proposal, Clay will be matching the state grant with $1 million. The total road project cost is estimated to be just over $ 3 million. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity had received more than 250 proposals requesting more than $877 million in funding. In February, Scott announced in Jacksonville the state approved $6 million to build a 1.5-mile road at Cecil Commerce Center on the Westside. Read more about the First Coast Expressway here.  Read more about Challenger Center here. 
Florida's Bond Rating is AAA
The administration of Gov. Rick Scott said this marks the first time that all three major rating agencies have assigned the state their highest ratings. During his time as governor Scott has pushed to reduce Florida’s total amount of debt. Moody’s in a release Thursday said Florida earned the higher rating because the state’s economy and finances have been consistently improving. It also noted the state’s low amount of debt and the health of its pension plan.
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