Major Military Installations in the Region

One of the defining features of Clay County and Northeast Florida is the heavy concentration of military facilities and assets, which employ over 50,000 active duty, reserve, and civilian personnel regionally.  The military has long had a significant presence in Clay County (dating back to WWII), although only one active military installation remains in Clay County:

*Camp Blanding Joint Training Center: A 70,000 acre training site for the Florida National Guard and other military services, located in the southwestern portion of Clay County.

Other key military facilities in Northeast Florida (located in Duval County) include:

*Naval Air Station Jacksonville: The country's third largest naval installation, including the Navy's Fleet Readiness Center.

*Naval Station Mayport: A major naval base, expected to become home to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the coming years.

*Blount Island Command: Maritime prepositioning for the Marine Corps.  

Regional Military Installations Map

Aerospace & Defense

A Regional Hub for U.S. Military Aerospace & Defense Activities:

Clay County's rich military history and the continued regional concentration of U.S. Armed Forces operations in Northeast Florida provide both opportunities and resources for the growing aerospace and defense cluster in Clay County.  Clay is home to Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, the primary training site for Florida's military units.  This includes the state's main combat arms brigade and the Florida National Guard's 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team.  

A Highly Skilled Workforce with Military Ties and Experience:

The large number of technically skilled military personnel that exit or retire from service each year supply Clay County firms with a dedicated and highly skilled aerospace and defense workforce.  Among the highly trained personnel who exit the military each year, 3,000 choose to stay and work in the Northeast Florida region.  

Former Military Facilities Available for Private Industry Use & Development:

Clay County is home to unique development sites that are ideally suited to aerospace and defense industries, offering airstrips and hangar space. Reynolds Park is a 1,700 acre industrial park with a private runway, served by rail and water connections.  Keystone Airpark is a general aviation airport with two runways and adjacent commercial/industrial parcels.  

Clay County Aerospace & Defense Companies

*Manufacturing high-quality hose assemblies for the aero-space, aviation, and defense industries

*Manufacturing and MRO of aviation ground support equipment & tools

*Aerospace distribution, services and a premier worldwide stocking distributor of aircraft OEM parts

*Development and production of commercial aerospace and marine vehicles


*Defense systems and equipment

*Aeronautical testing and sustainment engineering